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From the ocean in Asia to the grassland in America to the jungle in Africa

How will a warmer world impact the foods we love and our lives more broadly?

With the push and pull forces of climate and technology at play, what was once possible is no longer possible and what was once impossible isnow possible. This paradigm shift is forever changing food systems around the world—in both devastating and delightful ways.

Throughout this culinary adventure, guests have the opportunity to experience changing tastes. The experience begins with a crash course in climate-meets-technology, providing a framework for decision-making in a time of disruption. Once equipped with this information, guests then dive into the ocean in Asia for the starter. It is here where 75% of the world’s fishing vessels are located, with China alone accounting for 20% of the world’s fish supply.1 Today, however, increasingly warm, acidic and slow-flowing waters are disrupting already tense geopolitical relations, threatening nutritionally dense and income-generating foods in the process. How will we navigate turbulent waters? Invasive jellyfish and restorative kelp noodles provide a taste of possible answers.

From there diners dry off to continue the journey across the grassland in the Americas. There they meet the four horsemen of climate disruption—heat, flood, drought and fire—today wreaking havoc on agricultural staples, including mono-cropped grains and livestock. Does their intensifying presence signal the decline of the breadbasket and cowboy culture? This course features two complementary solutions: precision produced proteins and regeneratively raised meat, served with drought-proof tubers and indoor-grown micro-greens.

For the third and final course, guests travel into the jungle in Africa, where more volatile conditions along the equator are enabling pests to thrive. These changes are sending coffee and chocolate into decline while destabilising African people and economies tied to their production.How might we restore regional resiliency while meeting this global addiction fix? Invasive dandelion root espressos? Desert-growing carob brownies? Agroforestry-grown chocolate? Only the decadent tastes of dessert can tell.

The experience comes to a close with a conversation around what these changes mean for all of us personally and what we can do today to shape the outcome. Let the adventure begin!


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10 / 03 / 2020

Warmer World

Disruption Dinner was delighted to host a culinary adventure into a warmer world at the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK in March 2020. Click the video above to watch the 15-minute warm welcome and crash course into climate meets technology, the two disruptive forces reshaping our food system and lives more broadly.