Disruption Dinner

culinary adventures through our changing world

The 2020s are set to be the most disruptive decade in human history

The push and pull forces of climate and technology are reshaping our world at rapid speed. The once possible is now impossible and the once impossible is now possible.

How will these disruptive changes impact our food system and lives more broadly?

Disruption Dinners take guests on culinary adventures in pursuit of answers. Different dishes and drinks tell the story of possibilities, culminating in a vision for progress.

The overall aim is to equip adventurers with a framework for decision-making in a time of disruption, while providing the space to collaboratively explore what these changes mean for each of us personally.

Microscopic Meat
Land Vegetation Analysis Drone Data
Aerofarm Vertical Farm Facility
Pictures: microscopic meat, land vegetation analysis from drone data, Aerofarm vertical farm facility

choose your own culinary adventure

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latest event updates

10 / 03 / 2020

Warmer World

Disruption Dinner was delighted to host a culinary adventure into a warmer world at the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK in March 2020. Click the video above to watch the 15-minute warm welcome and crash course into climate meets technology, the two disruptive forces reshaping our food system and lives more broadly.

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