Disruption Dinner

culinary adventures through our changing world

The 2020s are set to be the most disruptive decade in human history

Cumulative changes in conditions and capabilities are crossing key tipping point thresholds--necessitating and enabling a period of economic transformation unprecedented in speed, scale and scope.​

How will these disruptive changes impact our food system and lives more broadly?

Disruption Dinners take guests on culinary adventures in pursuit of answers. The experience begins in the ocean in Asia, before heading to the grassland in America and finally ending up in the jungle in Africa. Different dishes and drinks tell the story of how disruptive changes, particularly in climate and technology, are reshaping our experiences with food. ​

The overall aim is to turn otherwise complex and abstract changes into deeply personal and relatable ones, while creating the space to collaboratively explore the most pressing questions of our time. The dinners provide a framework for evaluating disruptive change in order to guide these conversations, while also empowering guests to actively shape different possible outcomes in line with each of our values.​

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Aerofarm Vertical Farm Facility
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5 June 2021

What does the future hold for the iconic industrial cheeseburger? Will it survive the wave of disruption transforming the food system? Click to read Laura Rance’s summary of the Tale of Three Cheeseburgers featured in the Winnipeg Free Press.


3 June 2021

Cities and regions around the world are competing to be the leaders in modern food. What areas will come out on top and what will this mean for modern food? This 20-minute opening talk for CityAge explores answers.


9 April 2021

In this transformative moment in time, we are testing the bounds of what food means—its very essence—and the role it plays in our lives and all lives. How might we define food at the level of first principles? This content aims to forever change the way you might answer this question.​

Explore Modern FoodExplore Modern Food

11 March 2021

How do you see the decade ahead and what role do you aspire to play? You’re invited on a 10-minute adventure through the Disruption Decade to explore the answer, while also examining why the next 10-years will usher in a period of economic transformation unprecedented in speed, scale and scope.

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21 January 2021

Clean Energy Revolution and Pandemic Relief: the Biden Administration makes its first two moves. Which one will we remember looking back on the term ahead? Hannah Tucker joins four leading women in climate to explore this question and others on For a Richer Life.

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16 September 2020

Are you thinking inside or outside of the ‘Industrial Box’ when it comes to Responsible and ESG investing? This article produced in collaboration with Insight Investment makes a case for why truly sustainable investing requires a systems-lens revealing the disruptive nature of the decade ahead.

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10 March 2020

Disruption Dinner was delighted to host a culinary adventure into a warmer world at the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK. Click here to watch the 15-minute warm welcome and crash course to learn how disruptive changes in climate and technology are reshaping our food system and lives more broadly.​

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15 February 2020

What is driving ‘meat-free mania’? Hannah Tucker and Catherine Tubb explored this question with the Exponential View community. Click here to read Diana Fox Carney’s commentary on the presentation.