Disruption Dinner

culinary adventures through our changing Food System


Hint: many of the iconic species of the 20th century are now under threat, whereas a group of former outliers are on the rise.


The answer depends on the path we choose from here

Disruptive changes in conditions and capabilities are coming together to transform the food system.

​The outcome from here is not inevitable but rather depends on the decisions we make today.

  • Will we resist change, driving the industrial system to its end, resulting in the collapse of nature in a doomsday scenario?
  • Will we instead harness modern capabilities to take complete control of nature, moving us into an increasingly synthetic way of life?
  • Or will we apply these same capabilities to collaborate with nature, bringing about a more regenerative existence?

Doomsday path

Collapse of nature


Control of nature​


Collaboration with nature

Disruption Dinners bring together groups of people to experience the foods found along each path. ​

The culinary adventure begins in the ocean in Asia for the starter, then moves across the grassland in America for the main before finally ending up in the jungle in Africa for dessert. Along the way, different dishes and  drinks tell the story of a food system in transformation. ​

The overall aim of the dinners is to gain first-hand experience in the disruptive changes ahead, while having meaningful conversations on  how these changes are impacting us and how we in turn can impact them.​

Disruption Dinners take place on a monthly basis for small groups (informal, by invitation only) and also for a range of clients, including individuals and companies seeking to host impactful, immersive experiences for 10-100+ people. Previous hosts have included: Citigroup, McKinsey & Co, Actis, Pret A Manger, This is Spoken, The Nature Conservancy and others.​


“Disruption Dinner was the perfect team event: fantastic food, thought-provoking content, lively discussion and lots of laughs.”

Laura Gutowski, Pret a Manger
Former Head of Strategy

"What a brilliant concept…and Hannah the perfect hostess. It will truly a unique, thought-provoking event…and yummy to boot!."

Neil Brown, Actis
Partner & Head of Investor Development

You leave a Disruption Dinner with your body and mind well fed. Hannah expertly guides guests through some of the most urgent  issues of our time, catalysing thoughtful conversations, which I’m certain continue at breakfast and board tables alike.”

John Thompson, Actis
Head of Communications

“With every bite we were guided on a  journey through vibrant fields of Ghana and wild pastures of Zimbabwe. We learned how food can nourish our planet and ourselves.”

Erin Summe, Thandeka Capital

“We used the imaginative and incredibly innovative Disruption Dinners for our flagship event and it was such a success it’s hard to see how we can ever ask anyone to any other kind of dinner!”

Harriet Johnson, Actis
Event Management Specialist

“I came away with new insights and understanding around something that profoundly influences our lives – food.​”

Andrew Reid, Shelton Fleming

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21 June 2022

Virtual presentation at E Tipu’s Boma Agri Summit in Christchurch, New Zealand in which Hannah explores the possible evolutions of our food system already playing out today: doomsday, synthetic and regenerative scenarios.

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3 November 2021

A conversation between be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette and Hannah Tucker ​exploring disruption from a sustainability perspective, what it takes for companies and their people to change and how to best drive disruptive change in your organisation.​

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8 October 2021

Modern food made the synthetic or regenerative way? This is a question many of us will have to answer in the 2020s as we shape the modern food system, centred on designing foods from the molecule up. Click here for a taste of what’s to come.​

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5 June 2021

What does the future hold for the iconic industrial cheeseburger? Will it survive the wave of disruption transforming the food system? Click to read Laura Rance’s summary of the Tale of Three Cheeseburgers featured in the Winnipeg Free Press.


3 June 2021

Cities and regions around the world are competing to be the leaders in modern food. What areas will come out on top and what will this mean for modern food? This 20-minute opening talk for CityAge explores answers.


21 January 2021

Clean Energy Revolution and Pandemic Relief: the Biden Administration makes its first two moves. Which one will we remember looking back on the term ahead? Hannah Tucker joins four leading women in climate to explore this question and others on For a Richer Life.

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16 September 2020

Are you thinking inside or outside of the ‘Industrial Box’ when it comes to Responsible and ESG investing? This article produced in collaboration with Insight Investment makes a case for why truly sustainable investing requires a systems-lens revealing the disruptive nature of the decade ahead.

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10 March 2020

Disruption Dinner was delighted to host a culinary adventure into a warmer world at the Grove Hotel in Watford, UK. Click here to watch the 15-minute warm welcome and crash course to learn how disruptive changes in climate and technology are reshaping our food system and lives more broadly.​

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