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Andrew Cadywould - Director, Arobase Creative
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Tom garland - Director, Arobase Creative

sample dishes

On the Hunt

Wild venison and fennel meatballs alongside freshly foraged lovage dotted with olives

Carob Pudding & Dandelion Root Espresso

Carob, banana, tahini pudding paired with dandelion root espresso

Carbon-trapping Seaweed Salad

Seaweed salad with wakame and applewood-smoked dulse, brightly mixed with carrots, radish and and blood orange

Jellyfish Invasion Amuse-Bouche

Shredded jellyfish coated in a choice of two dressings on a crunchy vegetable base

Beyond Gari Fortor

Beyond Meat Burger on a base of West Africa-inspired gari fortor made from cassava and tomatoes, topped with Growing Underground microgreens and spicy tomato chutney
Main Course
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